Who we are.

CultureFoundry officially began in 2019,  a crystallization of previous small projects, ambitious ideas, and long standing efforts. Based in Canada, our team all work remotely. We strive to maintain an open and dynamic culture, engaging all team members in our projects.

A picture of our team

What we believe in.

We understand the power language has; in society and individually, to shape our realities, our perceptions, and our understandings.

We want to provide tools to any community to revitalize and preserve their language and pass it along to future generations.

We love our team.

Our Team

Sonja Fougère


Chris French

Austrolopithicus Communicatea Visualicus

Laura Goodyear

Lead Designer

Chris Hammerly

Collaborator, Linguistics

Kim Howson

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Nomi Nagashima

Community & Content Manager

Scott Parkhill

Software Developer

Harrison Porteous


Chad Quinn

Founder & CEO

Giancarlo Sierra

Full Stack Developer

Ryan Voght

Junior Developer

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