Tools to preserve and restore language


CultureFoundry Studios

We provide tools for communities to connect to their members through the revitalization of their language.

Our Current Project

The Language Learning Platform

A web-based application, accessible from any device with an internet connection. This tool contains customized learning modules to take a language learner from the beginning concepts to basic fluency. This framework is live and ready to collaborate with communities anywhere to build a curriculum that is tailored to their particular language. The application contains learning material, audio/visual flashcards, and mini games to introduce and reinforce language rules and vocabulary.

Who we are

CultureFoundry offers creative and customized solutions to support language restoration efforts in your community. We build the tools, but these efforts would be empty without people with real language knowledge putting in tremendous effort to enable their use. These tools can be effective for recording and preserving language knowledge, teaching new language learners, and reinforcing the knowledge of second speakers.